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Name:Of All the Gen Joints in the World
Posting Access:Anybody
This is a Meme community that specializes in non-sexual, non-shipping, general prompts.


1. ] NO SMUT OR SHIPPING MEMES. You can choose to rp smut and shipping within the community, but the memes posted here cannot have smut as a main meme. One or two smut options within a meme is ok. If you DO rp smut here, it is appreciated (but not punishable) if you warn for it somewhere in your thread.

2. ] Violent memes or memes with triggers may be posted, but there must be sufficient trigger warnings and cuts in place.

3. ] No more that 5 memes can be posted a day. For now, we will have this as a first come, first serve basis. Any overflow will be deleted with a note to the poster.

4. ] Memes have a one week wait period before they can be reposted.

5. ] Smut memes will be deleted without prior notification to the poster. You will receive appropriate warnings from the mods.

6. ] OOC ≠ IC. Please be respectful of all other players.

7. ] This community has a three-strike policy in place for general offenses. However, special exception may be made for exceptional cases of abuse.

Always open! Please PM a mod if you're interested in affiliating!
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Moderators: [personal profile] terrabelle
If interested in becoming a moderator, PM Terrabelle with experience, why you wish to be a mod, etc.
Currently seeking help from those who would like to give the community a more personalized journal style.

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